Location: ACTS Ministry Uganda is found in Kiyinda B Local Council 1, Mityana Municipality of Mityana District Uganda.

Physical Address: P.O Box 245 Mityana, Uganda Cell Phones: +256 773 192 559, Mob Phones: +256 706 564 960.    


Mrs. Alice Kayanja – Founding Director.

Mr. Kayanja Philip Mwesigwa– co-founder.


ACTS Ministry Uganda is a Christian organization and a NGO based on helping and supporting of the needy children and young adults back to school so as they can have a bright future.  

ACTS Ministry Uganda was founded in 2015 after realizing that there many innocent children and youth who were denied a chance to education. One day I was walking home and I came across a girl called Juliet who looked too hungry desperate.

I tried to find out the problem and she told me her father stopped her from going to school because her elder sister got pregnant while at school, then their father decided not to educate girls anymore.  She pleaded, sought for forgiveness but the father didn’t forgive them.

I asked her what she was planning to do. “I can’t stop in grade 6; I have to continue in school no matter what, I am joining prostitution to get money for my school fees.” She said. A t that tender age (12yrs), she was determined to become a prostitute. I asked her how she knew about prostitution and she told me via mass media were she heard people do sex for money and meet their needs.

I shared with her the Love of God, I loved her, advised not to do it, since then I took her as my daughter and I have cared for her. After getting Juliet God put it on our hearts to help such children and we have little ones who were abandoned by their parents some thrown on rubbish pits, much as we had limited funds, we got compassion for those children and as of now we have 30 children we fully support 40 we help them partially.

we have taken them back to school, some are infants in Kindergarten school, some in primary, some in colleges and others in technical schools while others are learning agriculture.

We therefore welcome volunteers with different skills that can be instilled in our children for a better future. Those in technical schools some are doing tailoring, Metal welding, building and construction. The good bit of this they study while earning some little money for their pocket money which is better than sex for money.

 Alice Kayanja Founding Director

some of our Primary Children

 Children on Farm gonefor agriculture training


We proclaim Jesus; We know for sure that Jesus died and resurrected for our redemption. He is absolutely our complete Joy and Salvation. He is our wisdom and sanctification. We share Jesus as demonstrated in His living Word practically. In a number of ways, ACTS Ministry is serving the least advantaged children and communities through supporting community development, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship and leadership training. Our children do communal work as in reflecting Christ and they as well preach the Gospel.


Knowing Christ and making Him known.

We believe that the local Church is key in reaching the community with practical expression of the love of God, so we reach communities with the Gospel in pursuit of transforming them.  


ACTS Ministry reaches out to vulnerable and destitute children with hope and opportunity through tangible love and compassion. We give another chance to these children to go to school so they can get a brighter future. They go to school according their age and ability. They go in kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and colleges. In colleges some are doing Fashion and design, building and construction, welding and we have one who graduated in plumbing. ACTS welcomes your kind support financially and materially so our children education and welfare is facilitated.


Our hearts for these children is to make them know that they have a perfect Father/God who loves to empower them and to bring them into his purpose and destiny. Some of these children are in full care of ACTS ministries while others we partially support them. Some of these children are Orphan due to HIV/AIDS, Some their parents are terminally ill due to disease. In most cases the children families are materially poor to provide them with basic needs. Some children their families were broken down and children ended in abandonment.


Caring for children in ACTS ministries involves spiritual nurturing through counselling and discipleship. Many children in our ministry come bearing scars of rejection, loss at young age and sexual abuse so we have to closely speak Jesus’ love into their lives.