Name: Juliet Kayanja

Date of Birth: 08/11/2002

Gender: Female

Grade: 9  


Juliet is a hardworking and intelligent girl, who has a generous heart.  She excels at music and enjoys playing netball.  Her favorite food is rice and cheese. Juliet’s mother died and father denied her education plus her sister. Miraculously I helped to her drop her plan of joining prostitution and she is at school; we got her at age 12 years. Juliet lives with us. Juliet’s favorite subject is Science.  She hopes to go to University to study to become a Doctor.      

Name: Hilda Kemigisha

Date of Birth: 19/04/2000

Gender: Female

Technical school.   


Hilda is an intelligent and hardworking girl who has a generous heart.  She loves to sing and dance. Hilda’s favorite food is rice.     Hilda’s father died two years ago and they do not know where her mother is.  Hilda and her brother were sent to live with their aunt, who could not provide for them as she has no job and has her own children.

Name: Jane Kiwumulo

Date of Birth: 09/10/2014

Gender: Female Grade:



Jane is a social butterfly who is hardworking and has an inquisitive mind. She enjoys singing and dancing.  Jane’s favorite food is sweet potato.

Jane’s father died before she was born leaving her mother to raise her alone.  Her mother works as a launderer, receiving very low income per month.  She is therefore unable to provide for Jane’s basic needs.    Jane is a conscientious student and her favorite subject is English.  She hopes to be able to go to High School and then continue her studies at University to become a teacher.

Name: Joy Banda

Date of Birth: 04/11/2011

Gender: Female

Grade: 2 

PERSONAL STORY Karen has a great sense of humor and loves to socialize.  She loves to play netball and drum.  Karen’s favorite foods are cassava and sweet potato.

Joy’s father died when she was a young girl, leaving the mother alone with three children.  Her mother has no job and is therefore unable to provide for her children.   Karen’s favorite subject is Science. She hopes to be able to go to High School and then University to study to become a judge.

Name: Moses Sempiima

Date of Birth: 30/04/2011

Gender: Male.    

PERSONAL STORY Moses’ father died when he was still a baby, leaving his mother alone to care for five children.His mother is a peasant farmer, producing food for her family and a small amount to sell for income.  However, frequent droughts have destroyed their crops and she is therefore not in a position to adequately care for her children.  As such, Moses needs to join technical school.

Name: Resty Namigade

Date of Birth: 01/11/2011 Gender:

Female Grade: 9  


Resty is a friendly girl who has a great sense of humor.  She enjoys playing outside with her friends. 

Resty’s favorite food is sausage plus rice.    Resty’s parents are local people with low income which can't take her to school. Resty’s favorite subject is Mathematics.  She hopes to be able to go to High School and study at University to become an accountant.

Name: Rogers Sande

Date of Birth: 10/07/2000



Rogers is a hardworking boy who loves to socialize.  He enjoys playing football and is a defender.  Rogers’ favorite food is bananas.    Rogers’ father deserted his family in 2007, leaving the mother alone to care for seven children. 

His mother lives in a small village with Rogers’ grandfather and does not have a job.  Therefore he is unable to provide for Rogers.  As such Rogers’ mother brought to us for help, he need to join high school. He hopes to become a teacher.

Name: Sylvia Kyotiba

Date of Birth: 13/11/2014

Gender: Female

Grade: kindergarten  


Sylvia is a compassionate and generous girl who likes to socialize.  She loves to sing and dance. Sylvia’s favorite foods are chicken and chips.   

Sylvia’s father deserted her family when she was a young girl, leaving her mother to care for the three children.  Seven years ago Sylvia’s mother gave her and her siblings to their aunt to care for them as she was unable to provide for them.  Her aunt was unable to pay for them to attend school, so brought the three children us.   


Date of birth: 14/9/ 2014

Gender: Females

God has blessed us with two girls and  are twins and were dumped on a rubbish pit were I found them tied in a polythene bag, they were kicking wanting help out of the polythene. They were like one week and now are 3years old.  They haven't started school yet planning to go in kindergarten next year. They are jolly and love each other. They are the youngest in our organisation and our miracle babies. Please support them to school.